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Determined New York Attorneys Defend Against Domestic Violence Charges

Tenacious Suffern law firm provides strong representation for clients

Domestic violence accusations can be followed by serious criminal penalties and other life-altering consequences. If criminal charges are filed against you, retaining an experienced and aggressive criminal defense team can provide you with vital security and support. The attorneys at Buckheit Partners LLP handle domestic violence cases with skill and professionalism. Clients in the Suffern area and throughout New York come to us for our results-oriented approach. We will examine police reports and may also conduct independent investigations into the circumstances surrounding your arrest. We are committed to ensuring that your rights are respected and that you are afforded the protections owed to you under the law.

Assertive New York lawyers fight serious criminal accusations

Domestic violence charges may be brought for an act of violence upon someone with whom the accused had an intimate relationship. They can also be brought when such acts are just threatened. This means that spouses, domestic partners, parents, stepparents, roommates or anyone living in the same household may be accused of domestic violence.

The following acts can be considered domestic violence:

  • Actual or threatened physical harm
  • Criminal harassment, such as threatening letters or phone calls
  • Stalking
  • Kidnapping
  • Pushing, hitting, slapping, choking, kicking or biting
  • Sexual assault
  • Rape
  • Sexual battery
  • Statutory rape

Our attorneys will work tirelessly to provide a vigorous defense to these criminal charges, whether that means an acquittal, dismissal or a favorable plea deal.

Strategic advocates assert your rights and legal protections

We understand how painful and frustrating it can be to have charges filed against you. With your best interests in mind, we can guide you through the steps you should take to protect yourself and keep your situation from getting worse. Our strategy is to help you avoid the most serious consequences that can follow a domestic violence charge, which may include:

  • Prison sentence
  • Permanent restraining order
  • Inability to return to your house
  • Inability to see your children
  • Difficulty finding or keeping a job
  • Difficulty finding or keeping an apartment
  • Mandatory enrollment in a domestic violence treatment program
  • Inability to possess firearms
  • If an immigrant, loss of immigrant privileges

If you receive a civil domestic violence order (sometimes known as a protective order, restraining order or injunction), the attorneys at Buckheit Partners LLP can help you fight it in court. Until a judge makes modifications, it is crucial to your defense that you follow all aspects of the original order.

Contact an aggressive New York criminal defense lawyer for your domestic violence charge

When you have been accused of domestic violence, you need a strong and committed defense attorney to fight for your rights and reputation. The lawyers at Buckheit Partners LLP, in Suffern, have the experience and resources to make a difference in your case. Call 845-357-0265 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.